Thursday, October 19, 2017


Hallo my darlings!
I haven't disappeared and I haven't stop writing. I did lot of readings for my italian blog where I review books, and work at my own too.

The last months have been very busy because I had to complete the second book of the trilogy Orpheus, which will be out  in a few days, so the Publisher told me.
The trilogy, which at the moment comprehend only 2 books, the third is an on going work,  will be available only in italian at the moment, although I am planning to translate it in english as well,  but as you certainly know it will be a long process, the only short way is to catch the attention of an international publisher but you know me..I rather prefer to fly low, and this is why I am planning to translate it by myself. 😏

Poetry has been in a stand by, travelling somewhere in the core of my soul, is better don't push if the inspiration is not there so...let's wait, I know she will knock at my door when she will be back...

So this is it at the moment.

For those who crave more news of me and my doings, here is the link at my italian blog, where I update more ofetn, but not everyday as a blogger should do...😉

The Helsinki Bookfair is in about a week, I will go on sunday the hope to have news after that and maybe some pictures.

Have a nice day, and stay tuned, I promise to keep this blog update more often. 💛💗💖

Friday, May 05, 2017

DAMAGE revisited

And again I fell in your trap twisted angel
with my wounds still wide open
"Bleed my love bleed," you whispered in a wizzle
and you licked them until everything felt like nothing
But I need my scars I screamed
because when I play with you
I will always be  without an armour.
I have been hidden in so many realities
and still you always find me Mr. Pain
you always humbling waiting at the end of the line
and is better to be your friend
instead have you as my enemy.

© Diana Mistera 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I am The Watcher
Coursed, after The Great Fall.
I guard you while you sleep
I protect you from the demons in your dreams
feeling a daemon myself
with my wings in chains.
In the silence I whisper to you
I look at the years passing on your skin
while the eternity awaits
slowly your light is fading away.
Fly with me, fall with me
Will you die for me?
The fear which is causing your soul to freeze
it is indeed what make your darkest dreams
A rain of roses crimson fire
unchaste desire unleashed
the despair become my hail
Love, my decay.

© Diana Mistera 2017

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Frozen in that moment
seems my time stood still
but, everything was falling apart
it fell, where everything begins.
Life and death combine
in the one and only ring, eternally.
The sun rise every morning
nothing had changed
but its light is slipping away from me.
I look at to the moon
there, is the little girl that once I was
and you are still holding my hand.
The night become
the only time that the sorrow goes away
the Dark embrace me silently
the stars become my tears
I don't have to explain why I feel lost
He never asks questions
who are those faceless strangers around me?

© Diana Mistera 10.11.2016

To my father: 21.11.1944- 4.07.2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I always felt I belong to the night
my heart is a costant winter storm
but I am unable to freeze the time
unable to dry the tears
which accompany all my fears.

Take my hand beloved Fallen Angel
take me away from this cold
take me at your side
let me be your bride.

Embrace me with your dark wings
let me feel why you have fallen
what you have lost, for what we call love.

My love, you whispered
I've always lived my life through  your dreams
to deny the untold misery
the wicked game of the memory.

I know I can run
I know how to hide
I saw you on the other side
but I can't fly with broken wings.

© Diana Mistera 11.05.2016

Friday, May 06, 2016


I am no longer a self published author.
Yes, I have just signed a contract with the italian publisher Lettere Animate, which will publish both my novels:


Il Demone dello specchio - Orpheus saga vol.2-

under their wings. So, both my books have been removed from kobo, Amazon and Lulu.

Have a good weekend you all...mine will be surely good although I am still in the mood " Is this really true?"

Spring greetings to all of you!!!