Thursday, April 24, 2008

Unknown lust

To have you I could pay
a million away.
As well my last breath i could give
because you are my sin.

The last star for a yes,
to have you undressed
laying pure,

no longer so sure.


I am falling down;
in my luxury,
and more i want you
more forbidden you are.


my last temptation
and I 'm without demurs.

How many tressures I could give,
to have you,
with your marrow in me.
so celestial and sacral.

I’d like to be
intigued by senses
I am dying for your essence.

© Diana Mistera 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Scarlet Rose

Come like the dusk
You are my lust
burn me into dust.

Like a rose,
love was born to bloom
your wrath then has torn it into doom.

Don't look at me the way you do
your eyes are my thorns,
your lips are your sword.
Your beauty killed me,
I loved and died where your scarlet rose grow.

With silent whispers
i cry your name.
Don't touch me.
Don't take me.
Don't breack me.
(c) Diana Mistera 2008


The night was blind and deaf,
you were calling me
to be at your side forevermore.

An immortal lie in which I fall
with my heart thirsty of blood.
His dark mantel
like wings of an angel
Memories burnt like fire
desires were awaken by a vampire.

And my despair...
an empty cry in the air.

© Diana Mistera 2008