Saturday, February 20, 2010

Death thoes

The wind cross my fingers
with its sharp breath
evading, enduing, splitting all around,
carrying memories that cutted like blades
go under my overwrought body.

It would suffice fisted the one
you stabbed at the heart,
the one that you
belied as tragical angel
had impregnated with your sweet poison
making it keener,
and everything would end in a moment,
but I failed.

Dazed,I lost my senses
while you slowly dismembered me
limb after limb,
organ after organ
carefully leaving as the last one
the red mass,
that was still pumping in the palm of your hands.

I knew,
the end was now close,
soon the pain of those memories
turned in blurring visions of an old movie.

Bittersweet was the taste of that death
unspeackable the extasy,
the sensual abandon,
the intoxication
while you cherished me,
with your sight,
waiting patiently me expiring the last breath
with a question on my lips,
before embracing the eternal sleep
“Dindn´t you understand I would gave you
the most precious part of my being?”

© Diana Mistera 2010