Friday, December 21, 2007


Once in a place
with no time, but to much fears
I was digging in the dark
with no light nor way out,
and you came next to me
like a Guardian Angel
you saved me taking me in your arms.

The dawn, now ,
is when my oblivion starts.

All the time I burn
with my bitter wishes
to give you all my broken kisses
craving to see you again and again,
knowing that,
when an angel fall on earth
he looses his light.
So I burn those candles
to keep it alive.
© Diana Mistera 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Kuusankoski 08.12.2007 Tarja Turunen in Concert

Hello to everybody!
This time the post will be not a poem like usually i post here. But i want to share with all of you my happiness.
Saturday, we went, with my husband, to see Tarja Turunen Live.
It was her warm up tour and she did in her hometown the only concert that is in program, at the moment, in Finland.
It was one dream that came true, i have wished so much and for so many years to see her live, so you can imagine my emotion.
And all was wonderful, perfect.
I have loved imediately her solo cd, and i have support her all the time, because she is a great artist and a wonderful person also, so i was sure that this day was going to be great and special.
When the white curtain falls it was amazing, also because she started the concert with my favourite song of her cd, “ Boy and the Ghost”…and the white curtain was great idea, she was moving behind it like a ghost, and we could see only the shadow behind the curtain.
She sang all the songs of her cd that i will never stop to say that is a great work, i like the way she has thought it.
And when she did “The Phantom of the Opera“ song i was so happy, i love so much that Opera and i have loved the way she did it with her brother, who is a very good musician too and has a great voice.
Then “Walking in the air” that i love it too…every Christmas since i live here in Finland i look the Movie cartoon in tv and i cry all the time…and i have had tears also yestarday…
i can’t do nothing, i cry when i am happy and when i feel a so strong emotion, because i have the feeling that my heart can’t take it,and the emotion was for all the concert, so big and strong, that sometime i think "was i really there? or was just a wonderful dream?" but i have the pictures, and the autograph...and i know it wasn't a dreaam
… Tears drop down on my face also when she sang the song for her angel…for all our angels…
and was wonderful be there, wonderful to see her so close, feel her…
she is a great artist, and we will be again at her concert …
also her musicians are great, i have like them very much and i have liked she wanted the viula in her band because is something that made her particular…
The bassist, the guitarist the drummer,the keyboads and her brother are all great and i am very happy that i was there…
Thank you Tarja, Thank you very much…
you gifterd me a wonderful Christmas…