Friday, December 12, 2014

CAST AWAY- revisited 14.12.14-

There are doors
that can't be closed at night
and balances
that can't be broken at daylight
and there is
the stillness of some days
an heavy load to carry
even if I was a giant.
You are there, you always have been there
your shadow follow
and in silence you wait.
I was sure I did let you go
I thought
you have setted me free
and by my will
I followed you once again.
There is not a victory or a defeat
Love is, what make the heart bleed.
You are playing around once again
while I am torn between halos and demons
lost in words with criptic meanings.
If only I could dare...but
I turn my eyes and walk away,
crying in the cold winter rain
singing in silence my ode to the pain.

© Diana Mistera 14.12.2014

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


...Every time I need to touch you
I can never break the distance
that's why my love
became so strong and pure
that's why I keep on trying ..