Monday, August 25, 2014


I live for my dreams
and when I wake up I am scared
I never want to leave that world
where the shadow of us
is frozen in a moment of rare happiness
where we were smiling,
our eyes disclosed words
that we were not able to speak,
our bodies talked a language
that we were unable to see.
Now it living forever in my words
touching those invisible chords
of a soul forever in love
unable to let you go.
I wait you there every night
but slowly I am surrendering at the reality.
Love is beyond recall
only if we stop to listen to its intuitions
and stop to exist
only if we decide so.

© Diana Mistera 25.08.2014

Friday, August 22, 2014


Did you ever felt love in the eclipse of the sun?
Everything is still
The present is floating in the nothingness
and the future is on stand.
Silence, and the cold caress of the breeze
run on the skin.
The soul recall its nemesis
for a moment even the time has no barriers.
Ghost are chasing their preys
you know
shadows can't stand companions
but they seek for the bittersweet desire
for a moment that went lost.
I live for the night
just to find you there
drifting roles
we have been over there for too long
longing for the comfort of each others arms
give me now,
a reason why,
we are still on the run.

© Diana Mistera 22.8.2014

Thanx to Poets of the Fall's "Daze" for the inspiration. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


Hallo again!
Like I have promised here is the update of the next event!

Thursday 21.8.2014 with Runokohtaus we will attend the event in Helsinki Runokuu.
We will be at the Library situated in Rikhardinkadun .
In the link you will find the list of our names and, the reading will follow the order of the names that you read HERE. Each of us will read 10 minutes.
Welcome!! Hope to see you there!!!