Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monday, May 05, 2014


When I look behind me
I see too many
blurring pictures witnessed
what we have left untold.
I didn't know then
that my soul
have found its beloved chains
and the heart
had died already thousand times before.

Our eyes came across
even among thousands strangers.
I tried to see what I couldn't capture
I believed what was lost was gone forever
but in that very moment
you pulled the strings
changing the play at your will
putting on, your favorite make up
started to playing with love.

I fell in the trap
while the silent scream
of my shattered heart
was left unheard.
I tried to heal
keeping the beat alive
until, only but a wound was left open
the one, that can see you through all your masks
the one, that you marked as eternally yours
the one, that will  never stop bleeding.

© Diana Mistera 5.5.2014