Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I can taste you,
I can think of you.
but the future doesn't come

and the past won't get over the present.
All that remains is an illusion
where everything seems still.

Do we dream at night?
Or do we carry on with the same old fantasy?
I am a silhouette wandering in your dreams
you are the shadow that make my eyes twinkle.

The clarity of my mind has been revealed in my dreams
I am able to travel where my heart belong.
Use my illusion and enter in your dreams.

© Diana Mistera 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I carry with me the fire
that belongs to the place that we mourn.
Beyond the love, beyond the lust
This constant yell the bloodlust.
The passion fed the restless soul
the taste of the love poured in the chalice is
what torments the inner artist
with his devoted reverence for the most beautiful dream,
Dark and light collided
oppositions that sealed the eternity
and worlds come closer with the touch of the fire.
The muse is the passion
the mistress of your restless soul,
You are like an open book in which I find myself,
You, the blood that keep my heart alive.

© Diana Mistera 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Welcome home my Master,
wish to taste our forbidden love,

touch your pale skin
taste your deep deep being.

Come to feel the ocean,
lick it deepest
feed my rose.

Rip off these laces
that keeps my flower imprisoned,
but beware the captivation of the juice,
because my eroticism
will be your oblivion
deep will be the wound between your legs.

© Diana Mistera 2008