Saturday, March 16, 2013


Lost in the darkness

searching for the red path

knowing to find you there


The moon coldly follow

every my step

while the heart start beating


exploding in my chest

bleeding out the words

you'll never hear

counting every tear

disguised the fear

reckoning the drops

of the scarlet poison within

preparing myself

for the last dream

ready to entwined

the eternity.

© Diana Mistera 16.3.2013

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Sometimes it seems
that the dark will last forever
you wake up
and all in a sudden your sky is without stars
and you feel like sinking
wonder if, will you ever touch the ground.
Your dreams are frozen
up there, on the moon
they say all the lost things end up there
on the other side of the moon
and staring at her light
everything will pass.
When you feel your heart is like a haunted place
every beat is a venomous bite
also those who are afraid to die
they will die someday
so the nightmares
the emptyness and the sense of void
that sensible souls always feel.
You are beutiful
and you are strong
keep your fire alive
and ride the dark
with that flame in your heart.
*Note from the poet: I was listening an old song of Alphaville" MOONGIRL"  and some words were beautiful that I have used them...are not 4 lines identical so no copyright issues...but just in case somebdy complain...
© Diana Mistera 7.3.2013