Saturday, February 21, 2009


I would like to say, i did this poem as a litterature experiment, but it came quite good so i have putted as a poem...just remeber those lines thanx.


Vanish venerable Venus,
vain vision,
Virgin violated,
versatile victory,

velvet vermillion veil,
vampire's vital vertigo.

Icy- blue idol,
idolized impetuously.

If impure impulse
increased incriminate incubus,

is implacable lament
infinitely impersonate.

Lacerate lyrics,
last landless language.

Ladylike labyrint,
lured luxurious lust.

Locked lost,
living letters,
left lacuna lapid.

Each edge,
erased erotic ethos;
ejaculates elegiac elements,
even enclosed empty empathy.

Endless extasy
echoed electric eclipses
everlasting evaneshent eternity.

© Diana Mistera 2009

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Born in the silence,
buried in the sands of time,
there is an hidden flame
that yet has to be seen,

the fire within.

The sweet taste of your crimson blood
the bittersweet taste of an ancient power
Give it to me for my lust.

Come, come closer to me,
my bloodlust is craving for you.
Will you be forever mine?

But, beware
to never wish of it,if you will be reached by the wisdom
of those that once failed to become immortals.

© Diana Mistera 2009