Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A letter to a friend...

Dear Marian,
I don't know if you will pass by, in my dreams I hope so.
The 30 years complitaion has just arrived in my letter box, and I was happy to see that it is one of the autographed copies.
I was sad to haven't be able to be phisically in Paris for the 30 years party, but I was there in some kind of shape, I can assure you of this.

I am very emotional right now. If people say the time machine doesn't exist, well I don't agree with this. The time machine is inside each one of us, and the motor that will start it is all the the memories you have, and here I am in tears , they are tears of joy of course, because I remember all these 30 years that I have been part of the Alphaville family, so clear that it seems yesterday.

I was 12 when I first saw you..and now here I am 42 years old and still your voice is in my heart and soul so deep that has become part of it.
Memories pass by with every song that is playin in my ears, and yes, You were always there with your songs to help me through all my difficuties, you were and still are my stone.

This is not an awkard attempt of licking your ass, is the truth; you save me many times from the loneliness of my teenage years, and loneliness cause sadness , especially in those years. You were there when others just left  me alone to cope with my demons, and I kept going and going, wishing upon the falling stars the same wish every year.
I knew I was going to meet you someday and so it happend, it was the year 1998, the 1st of August in Neuchatel.
I grew up with you and I always remember who was there everytime I needed a kick in my ass, your words were there, your music, your stories in The Moonpaper.

Lately I have been in the shadow and not in the first rows of your concerts like I used to be, the  hope that one day I will be able to be again in the first row is deep, and when you want something so bad, sooner or later you will get it, I know this, has happened before.

I have had lot of problems lately, life is not easy in a foreigner coutry, especially with the ecomomical crash of the last years. Maybe I have been depressed; depression is the awful sickness of this century and it hits always the  sensitive souls, for some reason, we are always those that have to pay fully the price, and we lick then our scars, but I have seen that also in those moments of the life, you learn something, you become more thougtful and aware of things that others don't feel and of course you look at the world and what surround you with different eyes.
The shadows are there, they will always be...but I look at the  golden light that is at the end of this path.
Somebody once said to get to the light, you have to pass through the darkness first,  all my favourite books are the story of this travel: from the classic Divine Comedy, to Orpheus and Euridice, to The girl without hands.
To learn to love the light you must love also the darkness, they can't be one without another, like the good and the evil.
Is not a coincidence the name of this blog.

I remember the tears and the emotions when we first met, and I remember every second I have been lucky to share with you and all the friends of the italian fans Club Euphoria, you know, with most of them I am still in contact although our roads have taken different directions and end up in different countries too.

I want to thank you for all the pieces of your soul you gave us in all these years, your energy is strong and I can see/feel it in every concert you make, and more is to come, I know this too.
Thank to youtube is not that painful the burden I have, because of me not able to come to see you and sing along until my voice will go away like in the past. KEEP GOING!!!

Thank you for your kindness, I have never met an artist that is so close with his fans like you are, and believe me, this is something  very precious.

Thank you Marian, to let us be always Forever Young!

I love you and always will.