Thursday, January 31, 2013


Is a point of no return

when you fall in love

deeper you fall

harder you have to crawl

in this endless suicide.

© Diana Mistera 31.1.2013

Monday, January 28, 2013


Link at the video in the program: Gli Alphaville in "Forever Young"

Saturday 26.1 in a italian program called I MIGLIORI ANNI, I have lived again those wonderful emotions that I had 28 years ago, tears were falling, tears of joy, because it was wonderful to see Marian in Italy again, in an italian program. I waited all day, look at the watch now and then because I live in Finland now so we have one hour of differece from Italy and I scared to get late, but I didn't. :)

I was very happy although a little bitter taste remain in my mouth, because not everybody knows that Alphaville have never stopped to make music, in 2010 Cathing Rays On Giant came out with 2 singles that went quite well in Germany, they are touring all the time and in spring will come ot the new cd, so I was expecting at least a couple of questions, but ...maybe because of Arnold Swrzenegher, not one of the musical guests has been interviewed like happened 2 weeks ago in the first episode of the program.

Anyway, italians now know Alphaville are still around, and I hope they will start to have interest again because is worth it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Read it carefully and listen it to the end...and do it!

Call Me

Lyrics: Gold
You know I’ve never been in love, just read some books about it
You know I’ve never been with you before
But we can meet each other soon to taste a moment lost in life
The touch of fading memories
So if you want me in your life I swear I won’t forsake you
And play this tune to all the fools who fly where angels fear to tread

Just call me and I’ll make it, I’ll fill the black holes in your heart
Just call before you break it
Just call me and I’ll make it, I’ve been around right from the start
Just call me and I’ll take it to keep it save …

I know you better than myself, I’ve been around for so long
Your posters hanging on my wall – untouched
And all these bitches in your life, they made me sick and tired
I locked them up inside my mind, so deep
And now the time has come for you and me to keep our promise
This is your lucky day, the hunter’s captured by the game at last

Just call before we break it and fill the black holes in my heart
Just call and I will take it
Just call me and we’ll make it, you should’ve known we’ll never part
Just call and don’t forsake it, we’ll never part



Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Static is the quiet around
while an army of beating drums
march in my heart and soul.
A long way away
the happiest silence
dreaming , remembering , tasting
the peace of the warrior
when the war is gone.
Now and again
beated, hitted, hitted and beated
wounds are open red as blood
the happiest hour so long gone
has left places only for memories to feed on.

© Diana Mistera 9.1.2013

Monday, January 07, 2013


Hallo everybody!
I am happy to announce my partecipation to an event organized by Koneen Säätiö that will take place in Helsinki the 7th of February.
There will be a meeting in which  we will talk  and discuss new artistic and Multilingual projects  such as Runokohtaus, I will talk together with Timo Harju about it, and explain how immigrants poets and Finnish poets have worked together, and our experiences during the work.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


As I wake in this silence

with the remains

of what has captured my heart

I walk by

and smile at the past;

my life is lying there

splitting in million pages already written

and there is no need

to remember all the ways

because they came once again

to restart from the beginning

knowing that

we will never be an empty page

tore apart.

© Diana Mistera