Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Every night I was looking at the moon
and talk to her wishing my soul will find finally its double
and the immense feeling of loneliness
was washed away.
Somewhere you were waiting to hold me,
looking at the same moon
wishing the same and the tears went dry
I held on to that little sparkle of hope
and the fullmoon cuddled me with its soft wind.

I remeber the dream where we held each other hands
and you told me
don't look back or everything will vanished”
I believed you but the fear was bigger
I looked and you vanished away
no one of my screams was heard
but I've lost everything and my moon went black.

So I started to look at the stars.
I remember the walk I used to take to the hill,
I ran at the higher point
thinking I was nearer to the sky
wishing at the shooting stars,
thinking the sky was crying with me
Knowing you were doing the same somewhere
with no memory of me in any way.
I hope your wishes came true

because mine, betrayed me.
I am still waiting to hold you.

Now our sky is the same
the stars are gone in those summer nights
which never are dark.
I saw you
not a dream anymore
but still not mine.
I succombed at the fear
and now I have been punished
to be only a shadow in your dreams.

I still love you and always will
and you still don't know I exist.
It's easier to live alone
than fear that dream will never comeback.
If only I haven't look behind.

© Diana Mistera 29.7.2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015