Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Victory Of Love

Just like me...isn't it?


For a change in the weather

I'm waiting for a shift in the air

Could we get it together, ever

Hoping for your return, hoping for your sweet, sweet



Is this heaven calling

Hello, hello, is somebody there, she must be somewhere

And then she says hello, hello, hello

She's really an angel

She stands in the sunshine

She's closing her eyes, she starting to dream

She's pulling the strings

She's dreaming a strange dream

Where nothing is grey

Then she takes me away and she's pulling the strings

When she's playing with love

She's playing with love


I count every second

And I'm standing

I stand in the rain, I walk up that lane

Which leads to the sunshine

She stands in the sunshine

She's closing her eyes

Then she takes me away and she's pulling the strings

When she's playing with love

She's playing with love....

Songwriters: Bernhard Lloyd / Frank Mertens / Marian Gold

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

The Rasmus - Holy Grail (Lyric Video)

Well, you should know I felt and feel like this quite often...

I have always been around
But you never really noticed
Cause I don't draw a lot of attention
I'm a stranger in a crowd
Blame it on the evolution
Trying to find a way to say this

I've been living in a hurricane
I've been running in the stormy raine
I've been lying on the razor blades
All I wanted was to kill the pain
I've been giving all my life for you
Cause I laugh and I cry for you
Anything to be close to you

All by myself, all by myself
All by my ordinary solitary self
I still believe we live for the pain
And someday the stranger in the corner wins the game
And gets the crown
Gets the girl
The Holy Grail

Days go on with no remorse
I heard you're gonna throw a party
They say it's gonna be amazing
Surrounded by these silent walls
Who are they to say I'm crazy
It's something that they can't imagine

Cause I'm living in a paradise
Every time when I close my eyes
Now it's never gonna be the same
All I wanted was to kill the pain
I've been giving all my life for you
Cause I live and I die for you
Still I'm nothing but a ghost to you

All by myself, all by myself
All by my ordinary solitary self
I still believe we live for the pain
And someday the stranger in the corner wins the game
And gets the crown
Gets the girl
The Holy Grail

Monday, October 01, 2018


”The poet's hand
write the theme with care
when the night still hides the withering dawn
and love is what she finds
although the shadow
shapeshift into a wolf.”

I have always doubt what I was feeling
the songs you were singing
hide the key
but I didn't have the locks
or either The Gatekeeper yet.

I have always been a traveller
blessed with the gift of the seer
but looking for certainty all the time
too unsure of everything.

In the past year I wondered without you.
Try to find a meaning of  this life, this thing...
wondering  if what  I saw and feel, was real in this plan too,
or just there,
where I couldn't neither touch you the way I needed and need
wondering about my choices;
is confusing, you know,
it hurted to wait and see nothing happen.
Left me hopeless,
thinking is just me, but missing heavily what we had
scared to have lost it all.

Those nights have been cold
my eyes were blind
but now I know, you never left my side
silently waiting for me to feel you again.
I did...I do...but blindness is confusing, you know....
I know you could give me only that
it wasn't and it isn't enough
you know this too now...
Maybe you neither knew what you where doing
and why you always find yourself there, with me,
a perfect sranger probably, but so familiar, so alike
Was it a trick of your mind?
Too good to be true...
No,  I assure you, it was real
and you probably  have get it before me.
Is it scary, isn't it?
Well I read you...

Come near now, I am waiting you to hold me
in this carcace full of limits
You know I would surely stay
”When the time is right you say”
and I am now waiting, to hold you...

© Diana Mistera 1.10.2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Long time not heard

Hello everybody!
I write this post to let you know that I am not disconnected, not at all, but, this blog has born because I love to share with  you mostly my poems and I like to keep it like that.

Well, since when my father died 2 years ago, for me it has been quite hard find the inspiration to write poems, my kundalini is just blocked.

I know poems are there and they will comeback some point, hope soon. I just need a sign which will unlock what the mourning and the sorrow have locked, so now and then hope you will anyway check in here, maybe some day you will find a surpraise and I really hope so.

 In the meanwhile ... if you want to leave a greet, I will be very happy, just a smile on the comment will make the difference.

Blessed be my beautiful souls.

Thursday, December 07, 2017


KULKURIN VALSSI – (The Waltz of the Vagabond)

Author: Jyrki Linnankivi

Language: Finnish

Release date: 02 / 2017

Pages: 200


Jyrki Linnankivi is known in Europe and in the world as Jyrki69, the lead singer of a Finnish gothic band The 69EYES and the rock band The69Cats. He has come out recently, as Jyrki 69 with his solo cd The Helsinki Vampires, and he is an Ambassador for Unicef.

I 've followed the 69EYES since 2002, and when I read the news that Jyrki had written a book, therefore an author like myself, I was very curious. Why?
Because I was sure it would not be the usual biography that, nowadays, is so popular among more or less famous artists, I knew it would be different because of what he had said in his interviews during the promotion tour. It was going to be a long trip that he wanted to tell on the basis of his experiences; in fact, here in Finland, the book is found in section ”Matkailu” as known as: Travel.

A large part of the book is dedicated to his travels in the USA where he still returns at least once a year. He likes Elvis and rock and roll, he loves music and he has always been curious about what was going on in that field, and in those days, when he was in his twenties, the USA was a step forward, and the need to travel there whenever he could, was strong and exciting.
I haven't ever been to the USA, although I was going to get my degree in Anglo-American, language& literature; a dream that I had to give up on for economic reasons, but also a dream that I haven't completely given up on, and right back in the year 2002, when I first met Jyrki in Bologna in a Gothic bar named Transylvania at a private party, I was studying the beat generation, Jack Kerouac and his ”On the Road”; a book that is often mentioned by him in his book and interviews. A book that probably changed his life,as it changed mine, the only book, along with Memnoch the Devil, by Anne Rice that I put it in my suitcase when I decided to move to Finland, leaving behind me my entire library of hundreds of books, and I'm not just saying that, I had been an assiduous reader my entire life up to that point. When you decide to embark on a journey, you choose with whom you want to take it, and I took Jack Kerouac and Anne Rice. The first because I wanted to get my degree in Anglo-American, and I wanted to do it with an essay on the Beat Generation and Kerouac, so, it will always be a reminder, in case I forget that I wish to achieve this one dream, and the other to remember my roots.
And by the way, we share a similar experience at the same age, he with the Jack Daniel's and me with the Tequila, so I couldn't not laugh when I read it.

But back to Jyrki and his ”Kulkurin Valssi”. As I mentioned atthe beginning of this post, the book it's written in Finnish so it took me a little longer than usual to read it. I loved his style, and I learned new Helsinki's slang words, for example it took me 20 pages at least, to understand that ”gimmat ” means girls! I liked the first-person narrative, and most importantly I was delighted to discover that, excluding the States, we were in London and Berlin during the same period, both on different trips. Like him, I am very close to London, especially because of my roots, my mum is English, so I was fortunate to have wonderful aunts who lived in London, especially my Aunty Su, who made me experience London like no Italian would ever be able to do. Jyrki was driven by his love of music, and London has always been a crucial hub for music, like Berlin, I was guided by my roots and for me when I go back, it always feels like going to one of my several ”homes”, and the emotion is always present.
What I had always seen as huge, like the Tower of London and, the Tube, has new dimensions and the town itself is amplified. It amplifies the way I walk on those stones, everything is changing or has changed, and yet I feel I belong to that city anyway, and he does too.

Berlin is another city to which I feel an affinity and, by reading it with his eyes, I found myself sharing in that cab, or walking in front of the Zoo, his same thoughts and reflections. It was a unique experience for me the trip to Berlin, when traces of the wall were still visible on the asphalt, and when the photos of dead Jews, in black and white, were in an outdoor photograph exhibition in front of those 300 m of wall still standing, with the remains of the watching towers and the barbed wire on the ground. I cried that day, because until that moment in my life, what had happened in WW 2, I had only read about in history books, and despite the dates, it seemed so unreal, so distant, and there were real pictures, hitting me straight in the eyes and soul. To see this evidence of that part of history in front of my eyes, was like a cold shower, a frozen one.

Paris is the city that I haven't yet visited, and I read the chapter devoted to it eagerly, with a bit of envy, in a good way of course; but the most delicious dish of the dinner, is always left for last, and I will visit Paris when the time comes and Jim Morrison's grave, drinking some red wine there like he did. 

Rome ... well, Rome is the city where I was born. I walked out of those streets where he walked many times, each time as if it were the first. I visited the Protestant Cemetery, where I put my red rose on the grave of Keats. I read the verses of Shelley at his tombstone, not because I was a goth, in those years in Italy there were Paninari and Darks, I was dressed in black and wore purple lipstick, but I listened to Duran Duran and Alphaville, my goth period arrived later; but evidently the blood was already there, it already ran in my veins ...

The part of the book that I loved particularly is the final part, dedicated to his Africa, where he was as an Ambassador for Unicef. I found the chapter on Voodoo very interesting, and agree that certain things it's better not to know sometimes, and Alphonso did well indeed not to tell you Jyrki. I have read and reread this part dedicated to Africa because between the lines I perceived his soul, his growth as a human being, which lead me to want to meet him again at a distance of 15 years. I don't think he remembered me, at the book fair in Helsinki last September, and how could he? 15 years are a long time and changes are inevitable. That distant 24 October 2002 we were seated one behind the other, I was with my friend Eva talking all night with Bazie, we were his guests at that party, and you with everyone else.

Congratulations Jyrki. I loved Kulkurin Valssi, and I hope to read a new book of yours soon.

With love and respect
© Diana Mistera
PS The pictures are mine, so when you share mention it. 😉

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Hallo my darlings!
I haven't disappeared and I haven't stop writing. I did lot of readings for my italian blog where I review books, and work at my own too.

The last months have been very busy because I had to complete the second book of the trilogy Orpheus, which will be out  in a few days, so the Publisher told me.
The trilogy, which at the moment comprehend only 2 books, the third is an on going work,  will be available only in italian at the moment, although I am planning to translate it in english as well,  but as you certainly know it will be a long process, the only short way is to catch the attention of an international publisher but you know me..I rather prefer to fly low, and this is why I am planning to translate it by myself. 😏

Poetry has been in a stand by, travelling somewhere in the core of my soul, is better don't push if the inspiration is not there so...let's wait, I know she will knock at my door when she will be back...

So this is it at the moment.

For those who crave more news of me and my doings, here is the link at my italian blog, where I update more ofetn, but not everyday as a blogger should do...😉

The Helsinki Bookfair is in about a week, I will go on sunday the hope to have news after that and maybe some pictures.

Have a nice day, and stay tuned, I promise to keep this blog update more often. 💛💗💖

Friday, May 05, 2017

DAMAGE revisited

And again I fell in your trap twisted angel
with my wounds still wide open
"Bleed my love bleed," you whispered in a wizzle
and you licked them until everything felt like nothing
But I need my scars I screamed
because when I play with you
I will always be  without an armour.
I have been hidden in so many realities
and still you always find me Mr. Pain
you always humbling waiting at the end of the line
and is better to be your friend
instead have you as my enemy.

© Diana Mistera 2017