Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hallo to everybody,
I will have a  reading session at the International Book Exibition in Turku  next sunday 6.10.2013 with the project Runokohtaus, I will read some of my poems. The reading will take place in the Runohuone from 10.30, the reading of Runokohtaus will start at  15.30.
Welcome and hope to see you there!
HERE  you find the program.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Welcome invisible
give your farwell
to the platform of the fame
nobody will listen to you
neither your best friend
the scream.
Welcome to the world of nothingness
where the humming machines
have more voice than yours.
Welcome to those
who wanted to listen
but they born deaf.
Welcome to those that wanted to see
but they born blind.
Welcome to all those phantoms
that creeping and cry
but are not able to fly.
Welcome to all the scum
that the world is giving you for sale
nobody will be interested on your tale.
I welcome you all
with the smile on my face.
My name is Nobody
and my voice is unhearable.

© Diana Mistera 21.09.2013

Monday, September 02, 2013


Hallo to everybody!
As you knew I have had a reading at the Taiteiden Yö in Hämeenlinna, last friday .
The reading went well, I was, of course, excited because the hometown is always the hometown, so the pressure was high but, all went well although the timetables were not that suitable.
As the name tell it was meant to be "the night of the arts", but our reading starts at 15.30 and many people that were interested to come to hear us, were still working. I have get many emails in which many told me to be sorry to have been not be able to come because they were still at work and was a little shame that our reading was that earlier.

But, beside this, I was happy to be part of it, I have met beautyful people and other artits that like me are strangers in this strange land and quite often, especially in this town, quite invisible, we had quite interesting talking after the readings and..let's see if the talking will turn into something real and concrete.

What I have noticed and some of the audience too, was that many adults,the audience of the guests that were before us, were quite noisy when they left, well is true..for me that I was the first to read and open our readings felt like a lack of respect, not because I feel to be the best of the best, but just because they were quite unrespectful to leave the room talking , laughing and moving the chairs while a person ( in that case was me) was introducing our "space" and read my works.
But it was a start, I don't want to spoil this experience because it was anyway a good one, and a learning one.

The next happening will be the Kirja Messu in Turku, for me the 6th of October at 15.30 with Runokohtaus. I will update the happening as soon as I get the final info with the program.

See you next time!