Sunday, August 22, 2004


Darkness were there and nothing more,
your soul, within you, burning
let your heart be still a moment
Tell what is your lordly name
because the wind is whispering it again.

Less , less bright the stars shine
than the fire that burn you.
The moon tint is purple
like your blood,
and the blood that you have spilled.
She envy you,maybe,
or she cry for you.

Doubts and pain
come never again because to your whispers
your soul answer with other whispers
and cries of hate
and revenge.

And like the snake circle the tree
and suddenly bite
your poison circle the time
and condamned you at the dark

The Rise

The night comes
and i open my eyes
so anxious to be with you.

You light like an angel
and I leave you shine for me,
the light in my darkness.

My heart start beating,
while i comeback to life.
and like the sun rise everyday
I've been rising for you
from my endless sleep
to live again.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

who is the Third who walks behind you?

who is the third
who is walking behind you?
Fires eyes, cold smile,with a dark mantel.
nor a man neither a woman.

Hoded is its smile and never leave you...
cold breath down your neck...
an endless night in which fall down...down...down
No more sun,
No more light
only a deep, tenebrous, endless night...
Who was the Third who was walking behind you?

the dawn

when the world with all is beauties
seems empty and cruel,
and all around is lost with the daylight,
here comes my oldest friend, The Death.

When my tenebrous soul
wake up again,
My pains are like a dark sea,
in which i could drown,
if I didn't crave
the light of the sun
that never rise again.