Monday, October 26, 2015


From the very beginning
we were like dancing magnets
of fragmented molecules
which were an entirety once.
We collide in each other's life 
and couldn't stop what
was rising from within.
Once we were silver lining scars
and we fed our desire
with tongues of fire
Now we crackle and torn
burning every time a bit more.

© Diana Mistera 26.10.2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


One more time
life deceived us
but the moon is red
of the tears I have shred
and my soul is a deserted land.

We will never know why
we were chosen by the fate
to live multipled lives
which turned love
into a neverending crave.

I see you passing by
gently smiled at my face
we are both tired
to keep living in the shade
of this undisclosed desire
which put our hearts on fire
with flames that we cannot tamed.

© Diana Mistera 21.10.2015

Monday, October 12, 2015


Staring down from above
watching you return
slithering at your window
an hallow shadow.
You'll be safe
although hunted by your own demons
I'll keep you safe
my love will not end
I promise
in hundred moons and more.
You should know by now
that you are and will be only mine.

© Diana Mistera 12.10.2015

Thursday, October 08, 2015


Hallo my friends!
Here is some juicy news for you!

An article in a finnish blog culture has been written about Runokohtauksia, in which I have been mentioned. I am very excited about this, it was a very nice surprise.
If you want to read it, follow the link under:

Another good news is that I have been invited at the Robustos stand at the Helsinki's Book Fair. Robustos is the publisher of The Runokohtauksia anthology, I will be at the stand reading some of my poems from the anthology  the 23.10 from 12.00 to 12.30 and then I will be in an interview with Tommi Parkko at the Wine Cafè  stage from 14.00 to 14.30.

Runokohtaus was a multicultural project in which me and others not Finnish poets were involved. Finnish professional poets have translated our poems in Finnish. The city of the project is Turku.

So please welcome and come to say HI! If you are around..I will be very happy!

This is it for now!