Friday, December 12, 2014

CAST AWAY- revisited 14.12.14-

There are doors
that can't be closed at night
and balances
that can't be broken at daylight
and there is
the stillness of some days
an heavy load to carry
even if I was a giant.
You are there, you always have been there
your shadow follow
and in silence you wait.
I was sure I did let you go
I thought
you have setted me free
and by my will
I followed you once again.
There is not a victory or a defeat
Love is, what make the heart bleed.
You are playing around once again
while I am torn between halos and demons
lost in words with criptic meanings.
If only I could dare...but
I turn my eyes and walk away,
crying in the cold winter rain
singing in silence my ode to the pain.

© Diana Mistera 14.12.2014

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


...Every time I need to touch you
I can never break the distance
that's why my love
became so strong and pure
that's why I keep on trying ..


Thursday, November 27, 2014


Here is some news!

First of all, my second novel now is available on Lulu, is in italian language.
I am working to an english language edition but it will take time.
It is the first book of a serie of three. :)
If you want to order it , you can do it at the moment in LULU, but in a few weeks will be available also in the major online libraries, such as Amazon.


The second news is that the exibition of Runokohtaus is now possible to see, at the Nousiaisten  Library in Turku.


This is it for the moment! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A letter to a friend...

Dear Marian,
I don't know if you will pass by, in my dreams I hope so.
The 30 years complitaion has just arrived in my letter box, and I was happy to see that it is one of the autographed copies.
I was sad to haven't be able to be phisically in Paris for the 30 years party, but I was there in some kind of shape, I can assure you of this.

I am very emotional right now. If people say the time machine doesn't exist, well I don't agree with this. The time machine is inside each one of us, and the motor that will start it is all the the memories you have, and here I am in tears , they are tears of joy of course, because I remember all these 30 years that I have been part of the Alphaville family, so clear that it seems yesterday.

I was 12 when I first saw you..and now here I am 42 years old and still your voice is in my heart and soul so deep that has become part of it.
Memories pass by with every song that is playin in my ears, and yes, You were always there with your songs to help me through all my difficuties, you were and still are my stone.

This is not an awkard attempt of licking your ass, is the truth; you save me many times from the loneliness of my teenage years, and loneliness cause sadness , especially in those years. You were there when others just left  me alone to cope with my demons, and I kept going and going, wishing upon the falling stars the same wish every year.
I knew I was going to meet you someday and so it happend, it was the year 1998, the 1st of August in Neuchatel.
I grew up with you and I always remember who was there everytime I needed a kick in my ass, your words were there, your music, your stories in The Moonpaper.

Lately I have been in the shadow and not in the first rows of your concerts like I used to be, the  hope that one day I will be able to be again in the first row is deep, and when you want something so bad, sooner or later you will get it, I know this, has happened before.

I have had lot of problems lately, life is not easy in a foreigner coutry, especially with the ecomomical crash of the last years. Maybe I have been depressed; depression is the awful sickness of this century and it hits always the  sensitive souls, for some reason, we are always those that have to pay fully the price, and we lick then our scars, but I have seen that also in those moments of the life, you learn something, you become more thougtful and aware of things that others don't feel and of course you look at the world and what surround you with different eyes.
The shadows are there, they will always be...but I look at the  golden light that is at the end of this path.
Somebody once said to get to the light, you have to pass through the darkness first,  all my favourite books are the story of this travel: from the classic Divine Comedy, to Orpheus and Euridice, to The girl without hands.
To learn to love the light you must love also the darkness, they can't be one without another, like the good and the evil.
Is not a coincidence the name of this blog.

I remember the tears and the emotions when we first met, and I remember every second I have been lucky to share with you and all the friends of the italian fans Club Euphoria, you know, with most of them I am still in contact although our roads have taken different directions and end up in different countries too.

I want to thank you for all the pieces of your soul you gave us in all these years, your energy is strong and I can see/feel it in every concert you make, and more is to come, I know this too.
Thank to youtube is not that painful the burden I have, because of me not able to come to see you and sing along until my voice will go away like in the past. KEEP GOING!!!

Thank you for your kindness, I have never met an artist that is so close with his fans like you are, and believe me, this is something  very precious.

Thank you Marian, to let us be always Forever Young!

I love you and always will.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sivuvalo: the cartonera book

In here you will find also 3 of my poems in italian and Finnish language. Enjoy it!

Monday, August 25, 2014


I live for my dreams
and when I wake up I am scared
I never want to leave that world
where the shadow of us
is frozen in a moment of rare happiness
where we were smiling,
our eyes disclosed words
that we were not able to speak,
our bodies talked a language
that we were unable to see.
Now it living forever in my words
touching those invisible chords
of a soul forever in love
unable to let you go.
I wait you there every night
but slowly I am surrendering at the reality.
Love is beyond recall
only if we stop to listen to its intuitions
and stop to exist
only if we decide so.

© Diana Mistera 25.08.2014

Friday, August 22, 2014


Did you ever felt love in the eclipse of the sun?
Everything is still
The present is floating in the nothingness
and the future is on stand.
Silence, and the cold caress of the breeze
run on the skin.
The soul recall its nemesis
for a moment even the time has no barriers.
Ghost are chasing their preys
you know
shadows can't stand companions
but they seek for the bittersweet desire
for a moment that went lost.
I live for the night
just to find you there
drifting roles
we have been over there for too long
longing for the comfort of each others arms
give me now,
a reason why,
we are still on the run.

© Diana Mistera 22.8.2014

Thanx to Poets of the Fall's "Daze" for the inspiration. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


Hallo again!
Like I have promised here is the update of the next event!

Thursday 21.8.2014 with Runokohtaus we will attend the event in Helsinki Runokuu.
We will be at the Library situated in Rikhardinkadun .
In the link you will find the list of our names and, the reading will follow the order of the names that you read HERE. Each of us will read 10 minutes.
Welcome!! Hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hello There!
A little update:
My second novel is ready, I hope that will be able soon on Lulu.
The title of the first book is officially ORPHEUS .
At the moment is available only in Italian language, but don't be disappointed, I am planning also an English version, but it will take a little bit more time,  if I will not find a publisher in the meantime.
The book is the first of a trilogy. Later next month, I will publish what is all about.

Next month I will take place on an event in Helsinki with Runokohtaus: Runokuu 21-27.8.2014.
I will put as soon as I get,  more detailed informations, but to see what is about here is the link

Bye for now!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Time to cast aside all the demons
that have been deceiving my heart in the past.
Time to chase the shadows
in a path without traces.
Time to jump in the unknown
leaving this sense of alienation
which, turned a victory into a misery.
Time to forseen the lines
written on a deserted road.
a shadow hunted by poets
and the oldest illusion
of a bleeding heart.

© Diana Mistera 17.7.2014

Friday, June 27, 2014


My heart burned
and in a scream
was hidden your name,
no one heard it, but you.
The flames crafted an image,
now frozen in time.
Since the very moment in which
the fire stigmatized their fate
two souls entwined
became eternally confined.

© Diana Mistera 27.06.2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014


How I died?
In the moment your eyes met mine.
You know
I was the keeper of these two worlds
now I am cast aside
from what was that golden prison.
I lived untouched
I, the only warrior that survived
now bend on knees
so far away from thee.

© Diana Mistera 26.6.2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

WORKSHOP 18.6.2014

As I promised, as soon as I had internet I write the experience of the workshop I have had yesterday in Helsinki.
Daniel Marpica was our guide and, from him I have learned what is really the Cartonera; the history of this method and, the making of Cartoneras.

The Cartonera is a social political artistic way of publishing, the founders are Washington Cucurto, Javier Barilaro and Fernanda Laguna.
The movement started in Argentina in 2001 due to the economical crisis that stricken the country. The tough economic conditions led to an increase in the number of cartoneros, people who make their living collecting and selling salvaged materials to recycling plants.
Cartonera books are made from cardboard bought from cartoneros at three to five times the price set by recycling plants. The cardboard is then used to create covers for short books of prose or poetry. Each book cover, is hand painted and sold on the streets at the cost of production in order to increase access to literature. This method of publication has provided the opportunity for unknown authors to be published, as well as for renowned authors to reach a more diverse audience. Beyond selling affordable books, the cartoneras promote literacy and the democratization of literature through workshops and book fairs which bring the greater public in contact with literature. The cartonera publishers also involve the community in the process of book creation and distribution through a cooperative learning experience which pushes aside educational and socioeconomic divides among participants. The books are generally published in small editions of 100 or fewer; however, popular texts are kept in print or printed through neighboring cartoneras.
The result of this, is a real object of art.

So, with the project Sivuvalo, yesterday we were making the Cartoneras of Sivuvalo, in a modern way, but still, maintain the idea of this movement. The hand painted covers have been replaced by a modern laser printer, but beside this, all the materials we have used were completely recycled.
Sivuvalo, Onko tämä Suomalaista kirjallisuutta?” which includes also 3 of my poems with the translations in Finnish language of the project Runokohtaus, has its own Cartoneras now and more is to come.
Almost each of us whose were participating at the workshop, have made 2 books.

We were talking 3 different languages and it was a very nice atmosphere, where cultures were combined together.
What I have learned? Well beside how to make an handmade book, I have learned that we have something to learn from countries of the South America, that have been before, in the situation in which Europe is now. 
To have the possibilities to share the acknowledgment with others, without prejudices is a beautiful thing. The world is changing, the languages are changing and, bring something of your own culture, tradition or history in a foreigner new country, will make the view of the world wider.

We are in an economic crisis and, of course, the poetry, because is a marginal side of the Literature is paying a lot this crisis. 
The Literature in general is going through a very tough moment and, if you are not known, you have no chances to be published by publishers, this is the reason because, the number of self-publishing is increasing all the time.
Poets and artists that move in another country, with another language, find their selves in front of a several walls: 
the wall of the language, 
the wall of the translations,
the wall of the publishers, so, of course, they have to try to find a solution, to stop to be invisible, not for the money or the fame; but just because poetry, art, literature, is part of their identity, is part of their whole being.

So, I hope, and I am sure each of us that were at the workshops think and feel like me, that this Cartoneras will expand in here too, and would be great if Finland could be one of the pioneers along with France and Germany.

Is very good feeling making with your own hands and using only recycled material your own book. :) 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monday, May 05, 2014


When I look behind me
I see too many
blurring pictures witnessed
what we have left untold.
I didn't know then
that my soul
have found its beloved chains
and the heart
had died already thousand times before.

Our eyes came across
even among thousands strangers.
I tried to see what I couldn't capture
I believed what was lost was gone forever
but in that very moment
you pulled the strings
changing the play at your will
putting on, your favorite make up
started to playing with love.

I fell in the trap
while the silent scream
of my shattered heart
was left unheard.
I tried to heal
keeping the beat alive
until, only but a wound was left open
the one, that can see you through all your masks
the one, that you marked as eternally yours
the one, that will  never stop bleeding.

© Diana Mistera 5.5.2014

Sunday, April 06, 2014


I light a candle
when the night is still young.
A silhouette appear
it has your shape
a familiar stranger without a name.

The heart knew you,
I can tell
because of the old ache
that pierced my soul with regrets
empty spaces between the words
“I will be forever yours”.

I see your beautiful face in the mirror
and seal my fate with a kiss.
I was born free
craving those chains
and lost in a distant dream
I left everything begin.

© Diana Mistera 6.4.2014

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Hello everybody!
Like I have promised here are the informations for my next event.

It will take place in Helsinki at the multicultural center Stoa. I will partecipate at 2 happenings inside this event.
At 17.00 pm will be the first one. It is a discussion at the Stoa café about  the difficulties and the hopes that a not finnish language writer have to face to get noticed and eventually published.  You can join the discussion and share your ideas with us. All the informations are HERE.

At 19.00 pm will start a Visual poetry concert. I am there to read one of the poems from Runokohtaus.
You find the detailed program in HERE.

Welcome and see you there..I am very excited and happy to be part of all this!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Hallo everybody!

Next friday I will be at the Finnish national anti-racism day at Kastelli in Hämeenlinna.

You'll find the program and all the informations in HERE.


Saturday, March 08, 2014


Hallo everybody!
I was yesterday to an event organized by Mercedes Alba, at the  Hämeenlinnan Settlementi, the event was to remind us the real meaning of the  international day for the women rights, which is today.
It is not an excuse to get drunk, cheat your own man or behave like  you haven't seen a man in years;
is a day that remind a tragedy and to remember the first woman who has first fight for the women rights Clara Zetkin. Without her we weren't where we are now..and there is still a lot of work to do in many areas of this planet.

So, for this event I was reading my poems and I have had a wonderful evening with many women from many parts of the world..and of course also with finnish women. I red the poems that are part of the project Runokohtaus and I was very happy to have been invited there. Thank you!

This is one picture took yesterday while I was reading.

And here is a nice article about Runokohtaus. It is in Finnish language:

Next Event will be in 2 weeks I will keep you update!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I hear a distant voice

and I am breaking in pieces

martyr of a decadence

that I no longer share

I let it burn to ashes.

You eyes are begging

while the silence is screaming

and the soul is fading

in a desperate no more.

© Diana Mistera 2014

Aggiungi didascalia

Sunday, February 16, 2014


This time I won't write a poem but I want to share with you some thoughts of what I have noticed lately on social pages.
It was just this week that in Italy a little girl committed suicide because she has been mocked in a social network, and it was just this morning that I red that an author that I like, has been attacked because he is gay.
What is going on between people? Why social networks have became the new Inquisition?
Are we going back in the middle ages in which if you were suffering of epilepsy, or hysteria or pre-menstrual sickness you were condemned to burn at the stick because you were for sure a Satan's servant?
I am really speechless when I stumble in those attitudes.
Why people have become so venomous towards others,especially toward others that are different, why they preach and declare to be Christians and believe in God and Jesus..and they go around the net saying you will born in hell if you are gay, or different ?  I really don't get it.

What I conclude is: they are trolls and they are brainwashed. In the bible is not written that if you are gay or clairvoyant or medium you are serving the Evil. All the prophets were clairvoyant, Jesus himself was. In the bible is not written that you can't be gay or lesbian because it's a sin...what the bible said and teach is the love in each and every shape. Love has no sex or is love. What God give us is love, he doesn't look if you are gay or hetero, black or white.Who  do you think you are to judge others?
But we live in a world that has always had the need to categorize people and if you don't fit in those categories that certain so called "Believers" have, .then you are the servant of the Devil and you will burn in hell!
Well, I wonder those priests and nouns that are pedophiles where they will go? Where that noun, that has get birth to a child saying she didn't know she was pregnant, will go?  They all have made the oath of the chastity, and I am talking about Catholic  Church..well...this make me think...
Ah yes maybe it was the holy spirit ...again....c'mon are we serious? With those numbers the hell start to be already over numbered.

What I really don't understand as human being is; why stick to certain targets? Those trolls are seeking for attention, they are perverse and in a way they want to clear the world for all the impurities..especially if those impurities are famous; fame..this is what they are seeking be be the new saviors of this world that is going down; I say BULLSHIT, and I beg you pardon.
Bigots will be always bigots! They say to have a soul. I believe they are the first that have sold their souls to a pet God.

In the case of the little girl that killed herself because she was mocked in a social network..well my dear parents..this is what we have created..this is how we have grown our children...teaching them that the weak, the different,the sensitive, are like a plague and it has to be  exterminate, we have teach them that authority doesn't exist parents are those that dare to go to teacher and claim " you are wrong child is not a child is perfect!"  so let him/her kick and beat the others because this is cool..because this is what has to be done...because the you tube video has get thousand of likes!!! 
Where am I living? Do I have landed in the wrong planet?
 We are loosing the humanity and if this is the way that things are going I only hope the human race will go extinguished.

Those are only my thoughts and I am not here to teach morality..I am the last who can teach morality...but what I can teach is to love everybody without categorize, you are not thinking the same..ok , fine...don't follow me...don't comment on my posts don't write only to puke the poison you have inside claiming with your brainwashed speeches that you are better than me... and I am talking in is a general me not myself...

Have a good Sunday you all.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Words disappear
leaving behind only echoes.
The lights went out
and the silence took its heavy place
in the front row
full of unspoken words
and, a dream was suddenly gone.
It was winter that led me to the pain
it was the spring that washed it away
with a soft rain.
In the summer I reborn with a new flame
but everything was leading to you,
once again.

© Diana Mistera 10.2.2014

Friday, February 07, 2014

Runokohtaus in Hämeenlinna tomorrow!

like you already know tomorrow will be the the big day for me in Hämeenlinna, I am happy and excite and if you want to know about Runokohtaus and the work we have done in these almost 2 years, please come to listen us...we will talk about Runokohtaus experience and we will read poems!!!
So welcome...See you there at from 13.00 to 15.00!


Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Hallo everybody!
I write to remind you that saturday 8.2.20 14 Runokohtaus will be guest at the Hämeenlinnan Library!


Sunday, January 26, 2014



Soul, please take me
where joy and happiness will last.
Fate, breathe your last breath
where the heart will finally rest.
Take me away from the misery
of a memory that won't recall.

© Diana Mistera 26.1.2014


Teardrops are lighted by the moonlight
away from others sight
burning my soul from inside
a moment stop in the timeline:
face to face with your eyes in mine
and a love that is a carved wound
that hasn't stop bleeding since then.

© Diana Mistera 26.1.2014

Friday, January 10, 2014


Sometimes it makes no sense
all these cruel coincidences.
In this never ending run
the heart is heavy
and the hope is gone.
You are not fair
on fighting this war
you can't ignore 
or run away no more
from the fate
and what is lying in wait.

© Diana Mistera 10.1.2014