Saturday, December 29, 2012

My dearest,
there are things that we always have to make difference:
do what you like to do, what you are born to do, what all your life have rounded around and, what is actually your life after years and years of sacrifices

1. with the heart and the soul and only for yourself, for the sake of it , for the passion or
2. do it because you have to do

If you realized that you do it because you have to do, maybe is better that you forget the whole thing and start to find something else, certain things you must do because you want. You know the fans will always claps their hands whatever you say or do...they are fans...but I am not a fan, not anymore and see you going down for a stupid hurts me deeply.
You have had a bad day, every human has it, let it be just a bad day..not something else.

I am sure you haven't sacrificed all  because you have to be what people expect you to be...and I know that in those 2 years of silence you have understood that this thing is all what you are and want to be, you are the key and only you, and in 2001 when I first saw you, you were you.

I have seen your wonderful smile 2 days ago on the stage, I felt the love that for so long you had lost back in you, and I am sure it was just a slip out what happened yesterday, but please don't give up...don't let the stress burn you will be a great loss if you will stop to do what you are doing the best...

I love you.

The shadow that smiles to you always

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


you feel like you felt the first time
while the hours running fast
to the next dawn
you don't know
if is something to be worried for
that old seal need to be resealed
like happened before
in many, many lifes and more
this time will be no mask on...

© Diana Mistera 25.12.12

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hallo everybody,
this morning while I was checking my emails, I have found one that made me very happy.

One of my poem has been published in a site dedicated to new poets, is in italian language, but just to let you know

you can find it in facebook in HERE

and in the website in HERE

I wish you a good  Christmas holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hallo everybody!
for those that don't know yet, I have a page in facebook in which I publish more or less the same things I publish in the blogs, it is mostly in italian language, but if you want to follow me, just push the like button  here in facebook and share with friends :)

Thank You!

Monday, December 03, 2012


The kind of love that scare
is the one that is sacred dark and secret
nothing we can do than

give up at the losses of the time

live within the whispers of the souls

hold the screams of the hearts
die to reborn
with the remebrance of what was known.

© Diana Mistera 4.12.2012