Saturday, December 18, 2010


I am a stranger to you

Like you are a stranger to me

No matter what I believe to feel

they are only dreams

forged by the illusion

of an ancient hope.

Now and then

I hear your voice cry

”dream on , dream on,

until the dawn”

So I hold on


where are you gone?

© Diana Mistera 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Revelation I

..Give me a memory that I can keep

not only frames

of shattered dreams...

© Diana Mistera 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I sometimes wonder
if we'll never understand
that we are
two fingers of the same hand
two souls sealed in one heart
blazed by the same fate.
So many lives spent across centuries
without learnig from our mistakes,
ending always hurt and deny each others.
Screaming without be heard.
Fall without be able to rised .
Love without feel the pain.
Chase our shadows without see at the light beneath.
Nothing last forever we all know this
but I will persist to travel in your dreams.
© Diana Mistera 2010

Friday, December 03, 2010


For many years I visited your dreams

feeling like fool

a stranger in your view

and in those trips I am lost forevermore.

I still can hear your call

and you know I am not a ghost at all

and when the voice fall apart

our shadows remain on the wall.
© Diana Mistera 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


There were times

the only thing I longed to

was you,
now and then I sipped your wine
believing it was only mine.
How sweet was that poison.
Rising the glasses
we fought against the emptyness,
waiting the day to die
craving the night to become alive
and for more poisoned wine.

© Diana Mistera 22.11.2010


Enchanted and secretive

was your smile,

my eyes misted slightly

giving up to the vague

sense of dreaminess.
the light started to crush in tiny pieces
as the summer welcomed the rain
the heart faced the blame.

© Diana Mistera 22.11.2010

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


winged as an angel
proudly flew up higher and high
as a god you chase the infinite skies.
Free and fast along the clouds
you wanted to touch the immortal empires
laughing at the stars so long envied.

Too bold became your mortal egotism
and unfaithfull were indeed, your fatal wings
as a fallen angel you fell on the sea
leaving the wide ocean tolling your echoing knell.

© Diana Mistera 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


You will never know
until my last whisper
that I am gone
because I am just keeping our pledge,
but I can choose
and if I do,
only silence is left
and you'll hear me no more.
How can I jutify you over and over
when you are deniying my voice
again and again,
leaving me suspended and
without a reason to detain.

© Diana Mistera 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I don't usually like do this, but is important for me and my "art".
And is also a way to save my works.
I just remind all visitros that all these poems are mine, and they are copyrighted, and steal them is not only a sort of not respect for me as poet , but also out of law.
Most of them are already published in books and official anthologies,and those that are not are already part of the archieve from my next book.

Rememeber all rights are reserved © Diana Mistera and of the edit company ©Locopress

Friday, June 25, 2010


And here it comes,
sure as silence follows rain,
the dream follows the pain
the taste of you upon my lips,
so gentle that it kills me
right there where I lay.
I feel your presence
In a way I could not know
And I wonder
Do you ever feel the same?
When I whisper in the darkness
Do you ever hear my name?
What it could be,
if I don't ever close my eyes again,
who am I to resist?
Who are you to fail?

© Diana Mistera 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010


The sun was warm and alive
the moon dominated his lustful desire.
The sky was collecting its broken mirrors.
The Goddess danced in her woe
waving at the lover her last adieu.
Silence came all in a sudden
and never has been resonant bane
than the one that nothingness attain.
The darkness had no need
to send his knights to mislead
because the chaos reigned already supreme.

© Diana Mistera 2010


The agony do not show
those who suffer in silence,
chains will not hide,
those who proudly carry the pain.
these suffocate torments
should have a listener
until will thump echoless.

© Diana Mistera 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010


when is really quiet and dark,
I fly,
and floating beside your bed
I listen your breath
stroke your hairs tenderly
giving you silent kisses.

too quick I have to move away
gazzing at the first lights of the dawn
and go back at the staticity
of the eternal rhythm of the universe,
within my unbarable darkness,
in my deep, deep loneliness.

From that starry heaven
I send you my whispers and sighs,
and make my solemn promise:
to watch over you
until the time will come
and in flesh and blood
I will finally reveal myself to you.

(c) Diana Mistera 2010

Playing darkness

...Please come to me
not only in my dreams....

(c) Diana Mistera 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Death thoes

The wind cross my fingers
with its sharp breath
evading, enduing, splitting all around,
carrying memories that cutted like blades
go under my overwrought body.

It would suffice fisted the one
you stabbed at the heart,
the one that you
belied as tragical angel
had impregnated with your sweet poison
making it keener,
and everything would end in a moment,
but I failed.

Dazed,I lost my senses
while you slowly dismembered me
limb after limb,
organ after organ
carefully leaving as the last one
the red mass,
that was still pumping in the palm of your hands.

I knew,
the end was now close,
soon the pain of those memories
turned in blurring visions of an old movie.

Bittersweet was the taste of that death
unspeackable the extasy,
the sensual abandon,
the intoxication
while you cherished me,
with your sight,
waiting patiently me expiring the last breath
with a question on my lips,
before embracing the eternal sleep
“Dindn´t you understand I would gave you
the most precious part of my being?”

© Diana Mistera 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Asymmetrical bars

I wonder what may be true
or might come false
in two parallel lines
forged by the same immortal engine
called time.

What we have been and what we will be
both under Democle’s sword
diagonally look each others
but unable to see.

Close, but apart,

in each other’s heart.
Two parallel lines in our heads
and in our beds.

Two doubles that once have met
and won't forget
ascending the lymphs
against all the physics laws
generating ceaselessly travels in the past
talking with worldless kisses
gently touched with invisible caresses.

Still prisoners we wait

 to overturn those physics laws
knowing for sure

nothing is impossible in the parallel world.

© Diana Mistera 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Canticle/ Carol

I sat on  your marble stairs

stared into the night at your open door

waiting you outside

and for what so long asked.

You came along with your seductive smile

asking me why I didn’t come in.

"I love you" was my only whisper.

I am crying invisible tears

they are

just raindrops falling from that paint that surround me

 they are not supposed to be wet ,

they are not supposed to be warm while they drop in my hands

because this is just a dream

forged by you

in the same way that a peculiar bee forge her nest

So, I prepare myself to spend

this night invain



washed away with all the colours

at the sight of another dawn.

But you are not sleeping

and you said

We will  meet tomorrow night"

And you kissed me

while the dark was fading into the light


"forever and a day”

© Diana Mistera 2010