Friday, June 25, 2010


And here it comes,
sure as silence follows rain,
the dream follows the pain
the taste of you upon my lips,
so gentle that it kills me
right there where I lay.
I feel your presence
In a way I could not know
And I wonder
Do you ever feel the same?
When I whisper in the darkness
Do you ever hear my name?
What it could be,
if I don't ever close my eyes again,
who am I to resist?
Who are you to fail?

© Diana Mistera 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010


The sun was warm and alive
the moon dominated his lustful desire.
The sky was collecting its broken mirrors.
The Goddess danced in her woe
waving at the lover her last adieu.
Silence came all in a sudden
and never has been resonant bane
than the one that nothingness attain.
The darkness had no need
to send his knights to mislead
because the chaos reigned already supreme.

© Diana Mistera 2010


The agony do not show
those who suffer in silence,
chains will not hide,
those who proudly carry the pain.
these suffocate torments
should have a listener
until will thump echoless.

© Diana Mistera 2010