Saturday, January 30, 2010

Asymmetrical bars

I wonder what may be true
or might come false
in two parallel lines
forged by the same immortal engine
called time.

What we have been and what we will be
both under Democle’s sword
diagonally look each others
but unable to see.

Close, but apart,

in each other’s heart.
Two parallel lines in our heads
and in our beds.

Two doubles that once have met
and won't forget
ascending the lymphs
against all the physics laws
generating ceaselessly travels in the past
talking with worldless kisses
gently touched with invisible caresses.

Still prisoners we wait

 to overturn those physics laws
knowing for sure

nothing is impossible in the parallel world.

© Diana Mistera 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Canticle/ Carol

I sat on  your marble stairs

stared into the night at your open door

waiting you outside

and for what so long asked.

You came along with your seductive smile

asking me why I didn’t come in.

"I love you" was my only whisper.

I am crying invisible tears

they are

just raindrops falling from that paint that surround me

 they are not supposed to be wet ,

they are not supposed to be warm while they drop in my hands

because this is just a dream

forged by you

in the same way that a peculiar bee forge her nest

So, I prepare myself to spend

this night invain



washed away with all the colours

at the sight of another dawn.

But you are not sleeping

and you said

We will  meet tomorrow night"

And you kissed me

while the dark was fading into the light


"forever and a day”

© Diana Mistera 2010