Sunday, February 16, 2014


This time I won't write a poem but I want to share with you some thoughts of what I have noticed lately on social pages.
It was just this week that in Italy a little girl committed suicide because she has been mocked in a social network, and it was just this morning that I red that an author that I like, has been attacked because he is gay.
What is going on between people? Why social networks have became the new Inquisition?
Are we going back in the middle ages in which if you were suffering of epilepsy, or hysteria or pre-menstrual sickness you were condemned to burn at the stick because you were for sure a Satan's servant?
I am really speechless when I stumble in those attitudes.
Why people have become so venomous towards others,especially toward others that are different, why they preach and declare to be Christians and believe in God and Jesus..and they go around the net saying you will born in hell if you are gay, or different ?  I really don't get it.

What I conclude is: they are trolls and they are brainwashed. In the bible is not written that if you are gay or clairvoyant or medium you are serving the Evil. All the prophets were clairvoyant, Jesus himself was. In the bible is not written that you can't be gay or lesbian because it's a sin...what the bible said and teach is the love in each and every shape. Love has no sex or is love. What God give us is love, he doesn't look if you are gay or hetero, black or white.Who  do you think you are to judge others?
But we live in a world that has always had the need to categorize people and if you don't fit in those categories that certain so called "Believers" have, .then you are the servant of the Devil and you will burn in hell!
Well, I wonder those priests and nouns that are pedophiles where they will go? Where that noun, that has get birth to a child saying she didn't know she was pregnant, will go?  They all have made the oath of the chastity, and I am talking about Catholic  Church..well...this make me think...
Ah yes maybe it was the holy spirit ...again....c'mon are we serious? With those numbers the hell start to be already over numbered.

What I really don't understand as human being is; why stick to certain targets? Those trolls are seeking for attention, they are perverse and in a way they want to clear the world for all the impurities..especially if those impurities are famous; fame..this is what they are seeking be be the new saviors of this world that is going down; I say BULLSHIT, and I beg you pardon.
Bigots will be always bigots! They say to have a soul. I believe they are the first that have sold their souls to a pet God.

In the case of the little girl that killed herself because she was mocked in a social network..well my dear parents..this is what we have created..this is how we have grown our children...teaching them that the weak, the different,the sensitive, are like a plague and it has to be  exterminate, we have teach them that authority doesn't exist parents are those that dare to go to teacher and claim " you are wrong child is not a child is perfect!"  so let him/her kick and beat the others because this is cool..because this is what has to be done...because the you tube video has get thousand of likes!!! 
Where am I living? Do I have landed in the wrong planet?
 We are loosing the humanity and if this is the way that things are going I only hope the human race will go extinguished.

Those are only my thoughts and I am not here to teach morality..I am the last who can teach morality...but what I can teach is to love everybody without categorize, you are not thinking the same..ok , fine...don't follow me...don't comment on my posts don't write only to puke the poison you have inside claiming with your brainwashed speeches that you are better than me... and I am talking in is a general me not myself...

Have a good Sunday you all.

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