Monday, January 28, 2013


Link at the video in the program: Gli Alphaville in "Forever Young"

Saturday 26.1 in a italian program called I MIGLIORI ANNI, I have lived again those wonderful emotions that I had 28 years ago, tears were falling, tears of joy, because it was wonderful to see Marian in Italy again, in an italian program. I waited all day, look at the watch now and then because I live in Finland now so we have one hour of differece from Italy and I scared to get late, but I didn't. :)

I was very happy although a little bitter taste remain in my mouth, because not everybody knows that Alphaville have never stopped to make music, in 2010 Cathing Rays On Giant came out with 2 singles that went quite well in Germany, they are touring all the time and in spring will come ot the new cd, so I was expecting at least a couple of questions, but ...maybe because of Arnold Swrzenegher, not one of the musical guests has been interviewed like happened 2 weeks ago in the first episode of the program.

Anyway, italians now know Alphaville are still around, and I hope they will start to have interest again because is worth it.
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