Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's late and I wanted to sleep
but here I am staring at the empty cieling
thinking where my time has gone...
I dreamt long
oh yes I have always wanted to be
one of those perfect shapes inside the kaleidoscope
as beutyful as enigmatic.
One of those circles and squares,
or those stars and flowers
or those black shadows with brilliant highlights.
But most of all
I just wanted to be something
so radiant and perfect.
But I am human,
and I wonder about the life and the death.
Time don't fear the Reaper
nor the sun, either the moon
Why I just can't be like they are?
Romeo and Juliet are toghether in eternity
and are eternally alive in the infinite.
Consuming their tragedy
they have redifined the happines
sealed a silent everlating pact.
I am still staring at the empty cieling
and I am going to chase my ghost tonight
and when he will come
so proud and beautyful
I am going to ask him something
that will last forever.
© Diana Mistera 2011
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