Monday, April 29, 2013

DREAM 29.4.13

I had a dream last night in which I felt that wonderful peace and happiness that was long time I haven't felt;  it was any important dream, it wasn't a meaningfull dream either, perhaps,  was a sequel of a dream I started some time ago.

You where in there, with your long curly  hair and those green eyes that killed me the first time I saw them, you were a teacher and I was a school girl, there were many other schoolgirls in the classroom I didn't know them, they were not familiar to me at all, but you were interacting mostly with me. The others blast their evil eyes on me, for no reason..maybe...or maybe they saw what was going on between us.

The first task you asked me to do was to draw a map, it was my way of seen Europe, it was an homework I haven't done so I was scared to disappoint you, but you reacted like nothing was forgotten and waited me to draw my map, looking at me deeply.
I took my pen and mark the boundaries of my map, I used the yellow pen; I was satisfiled, but it was a strange kind of map, you look at me, laughing sensually and said:
" you left France out from your map..."
"ha..." I answered laughing archnessly   " yes I did..."
You  looked at me with that sweetness you only have, gave me back my map with that kind of expression of knowing the reason why I did if you were expecting just that kind of map from me...without France, for the reason that only you and me known.

I looked around the classroom searching for an approval, I met you before I was testing you, I needed to prove to myself, you remebered me;  many years have passed and I was in disguise anyway in that strange school. I felt you knew who I was, you were indeed favouring my game, we were so inharmony.
Your attention was only for me although you were a teacher in this strange class and I was pleased.

All in a sudden another thing cought your attention, there was a boy, so long dead in reality, he was really in my classroom when I was at my primary school, and I found this quite strange, what he was doing in there, but he didn't care about me or you, it was like a time cut has occoured in that strange universe bulid as a school. He was an outsider, and you didn't care about the other schoolgirls whose were seeking attention, you were wondering just like I did, why that boy was there; then you took
 my  book and you found a letter within the pages and asked me
" Can I?"
" Sure"
"what am I going to find in here?"
" nothing...only a picture...maybe..."

You opened the letter, it looked an old letter, those that were used many years ago when was necessary to send an International letter, because Europe didn't exist like it exist today, those white thin envelopes with blue and red stripes around; I sent a lot of these enevelopes, I had a lot of international pen friends, and I had grandparents in England and it seemed that like I told you, there was nothing in the envelope neither a picture but, you shaked it a little bit more and a picture came out.
" She is beautyful, really" you told me, and I smiled knowing that, of course she was beautyful, she was my mum...and then smiling at me with little bit of melancoly you continued
" just like you..and blonde, like you were the first time..."
you didn't give me back the letter and neither the picture, I won, you remebered me.

A sudden warm I felt in my heart, and I woke up wanting to continue this dream that left me so wonderful warm feeling inside but, the sun was already coming up, and the clock was going to ring in a moment...
I remained with this wonderfull feeling of you, recorgnizing me, without I told you who I was really... hoping that it was true.

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