Tuesday, May 07, 2013


And it is precisely the dawn with her touch that make the shadows loose their consistency that in the night wriggled in my dreams.
I cross the limbo with my usual uncertainty, right there, on the boderline between the reality and the dream I become insecure even of my senses, doubting the very existence of the world in which I am guest in this certain time range, unsure I am wondering if the night journey has not been nothing more than a glimpse of a parallel reality tied to my soul.
I feel you
the boundary between life and death is as thin as the needle that carve your skin.
I'm afraid that Charon endue by a sudden mercy, granted a last visit before carrying you in Hades.
I cannot breath
I feel suffocated
I cannot move or even get up.
I wait the awaking of the sun to challenge those loads that have collapased on me, remove those stones that are imobilazing me, drinking greedly the light, grab the memories, hoping that sometime I could be wrong.
I understand it was just a bad dream, finally I am free of the agony.
Welcome sun, welcome Light, release me from those horrible shadows that smell like sulphur.
I wish to be there while he is still asleep, whispering how much I love him in one of his dreams, enough to give the strenght he needs, to fight against his fiends.
Our souls are bounded by the same fate but condemned to reach each others only in dreams, shifting traces in an undisclosed reality.

© Diana Mistera 7.5.2013

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