Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sometimes happen that you wake up several days with a melody in your head that you can't take it out neither if you listen at it.
Usually with other songs once I listened to them,  the obsession and the craving vanish...but with this one not...I could listen forever  this song repeatetly and  never get bored or annoyed.

Is one of the most beutyful songs that Ville Valo has written until now, but he has never sing it live complete, not from when I started  to follow them , the year 2001 and, everytime I listen to it I think is a shame because is so deep and beutyful that a concert with this song in the set list will be unforgettable, at least for me...
So, although in this period here in Finland you don't see a star in the sky because the night doesn't fall into the dark like in other countries, and although could be possible to see stars only at 1 or 2 in the morning, not even then so clear like from my balcony in Tuscany, I wish  upon a star, that somewhere is falling to make this my wish come true, like has happened with all the others...Please put this song back in the set list for a will not regert it!

The lyrics are by Ville Valo, I guess when he was reading the Dracula of Bram Stocker he wrote this...:)


There was a time when I
Could breath my life into you
One by one your pale fingers
Started to move
And I touched your face
And all death was erased
And you smiled like an angel
Fallen from heaven, oh -
Just to be lifted up again, ohh

And you kissed my lips
With those once cold fingertips
You brought me back to life
And all things come to an end
We don't have to pretend
Slowly we fall asleep
And never wake up again, oh oh ohh

We're so Christ like
So lifelike
Vampire Christ

We're so lifelike
So Christlike
Vampire Christ

In the grace
Of our love
We writhe in pain
And death is not far away
And soon we'll sleep
And never wake up again


There was a time when I
Could breathe my life
Into you
And all things come to an end, oh
We all have to pretend
Slowly we fall asleep

And we're Christlike
So lifelike
A Vampire Christ

We're so lifelike
So Christlike
A Vampire Christ

And here you can listen the song....

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