Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hallo to everybody!
This is a period of changes, and like every change there is the bad side and the good side of it.

I have to decide if I will add in this blog also my personal things and xperiences, because of course I don't write everyday poems or stories so, to make this blog work better I should add something else and why not more personal things? So you readers will get to know me better, but we'll see...

For the moment I can say to you that I am getting very interested in tarots reading and I found a wonderful deck that I love so much and I am learning...

Artistically, the big day is approaching: my first reading in my hometown, Hämeenlinna, for the night of the art.
I will be from 15.30 to 16.30 at the main library, with others 2 poets, we will have all 20 minutes each and I will be the first; come to listen  and to say me hallo!

For more informations you can read HERE there is also english language.

The whole program you find in HERE and it is only in finnish language.


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