Friday, June 12, 2015

The Premiere

Hallo at all!
As promised  here the post about the premiere.

I left Hämeenlinna at 14.00 and arrived in Turku at 16.15.

I met fisrt Marja and then Heikki Savola, the director of Robustos.

When the ceremony has started I was quite excited and I was surpraised and happy when, during his speech, Heikki Savola has quoted a line of one of my poems. I didn't expect such thing.

After the speech we have red the introduction poem. Each poet in own language, and the finnsh poets that have been translated us the finnish version.

The whole cerymony was about one hour and half and after this we all went to eat in a loveley and good Italian Restaurant called LA TRATTORIA ROMANA.

With this happening the journey ended.
We have worked together 4 years and all the experiences that I have had are treassures and I will never forget.
When I moved to Finland in 2003 I couldn't imagine that my poems will end published in here in 2015 in finnish language.
Before Finland I have written only for few friends, I was too shy, too unsure ...and now I have red in front of people in festivals and happenings, and I know now more than never before, what I really want to to in my life. Write, write and write...I want to get lost in the arms of the inspirations and listening to the voice of my Muse and wondering...

Thank you to all those who believed and support me from the beginning.

Thank you to Marja, Tommi, Esa, Juha Timo, Terhi, Marja Lisa, Danilll and all those that I can't remember the name but have been important too for the achievment of this project.
And of course, a big thank you to the city of Turku.

I will miss the meetings at Kirja Talo and I will miss all my collegues and friends.
Just don't forget each others.  We have started a path which now is taking many different directions and I know we will cross each other paths now and then again.


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