Sunday, January 03, 2016


Is pointless to try to find excuses
and lock away all memories
fooling myself that all those open scars
finally will stop bleeding
all the questions
finally will get the right answers
and close this circle
which is still full of crackles.
The fire have sealed my soul to yours
and it burns
every time our universes collide
giving me an illusion
that I still believe to be real.
The waiting became agony
and the hope is killing me every time
I keep it high
but nothing goes the way I wanted to go.
And you are moving far away
in those dreams that once were happy and vivid
and now
I look at you unable to reach you
unable to hold you
The fire will always burn
and the rain will be always wet
I cannot ignore anymore the pain
but I can't let you go either
becoming myself
my own executioner.

© Diana Mistera 3.1.2016

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