Monday, February 15, 2016


I look furtively at you
Trying to shut down the beat of my heart
too loud on my ears.
I wonder if you can feel my eyes on you....
and your eyes met mine for a moment
You are still beautiful
although time have left its mark
around your eyes too.
I turn my head away.
I would like to talk to you
come near and ask ”don't you remember me?”
but I am shy
or is it the fear for the answer?
So, I just look at you silently
sipping my coffee
when you are unaware.
You smile and talk with others.
My soul shatters in front of that smile
reminding me
I still bleed for you
from those my beloved scars
which I have never wanted to be healed.
My heart, now out of control
my breath shortened
and all what you see
is maybe a woman
that look too proud
while my soul screams I love you.
I have built this mask for so many years
and yet
I would like to die with you any night
under the jealous moon.
I wish you could see me through...
At that thought a teardrop fall
but you didn't see it
I have ran away before my mask fell in pieces.

© Diana Mistera 14.2.2016

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